Are You Connected To Any Particular Church?

This ministry began as an outreach of Calvary Chapel Green Valley, and after much prayer and the Lord's leading we have become an independent 501c3 ministry with a desire to equip others to extend this ministry into their own communities.

Do I Have To Be Associated With A Group To Serve?

No. While we have been greatly blessed by the Lord in that we quite often have Worship Teams, Men's Groups, Youth Groups etc. come to serve along side the work of the ministry, we are also so blessed to have individuals respond to what God is doing through this ministry and come out and serve at the Saturday Outreach, and also to participate in the other events throughout the week here at Calvary Downtown Outreach.

Does Everyone Work On The Front Line So To Speak?

There are a number of areas of service: from setup, food preparation and cooking, food serving, stocking & cleanup, greeters, handicap assistance, prayer team, worship team, literature ministry, equipment setup, tear down and storage etc.

Will I Need To Pray Out Loud?

No. All such functions within the actual outreach are "manned" by members of the staff. As opportunity arises you can certainly feel free to pray with or for individuals, however no one is going to expect you to take a role of leadership or put you in a situation that you are not comfortable with. We have great respect of those that God has sent to come along side this ministry and we want to work with each individual to be of encouragement in their walk and maturing in Christ, but always with love and respect.

What about bringing young children with me?

Since we do not have child care facilities, we do not recommend bringing infants or small children who will need constant attention by parents or responsible guardians.

Can I Bring A Non Christian With Me?

Yes. This is not an event for "Christians", but rather an event that God uses for believers to share His love and to try and help meet the needs of others who find themselves in a hard place. God desires to use believers in these "hard places" of people's lives, to touch them and is only looking for people who might submit themselves as instruments (you & me). Your non Christian friend can also be an instrument and at the same time find his heart touched by the moving of 'God's Holy Spirit.

Can I Attend Some Of The Other Ministries?

Yes, there are a number of other events that take place throughout the week at Calvary Downtown Outreach and all of these are open to all who would like to come and learn more of God's word or to seek opportunities within the ministry.

Will I Be Witnessing To Others Personally?

As God leads you through the events of the day, opportunities may arise for you to answer an individual's question or to encourage them in their life. We can all hope that in some small way God can and will use us to bring another person to a saving knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout the day each of us should be looking to the leading of God's Holy Spirit to open our hearts and minds to these opportunities and if such a situation arise and you feel unable or unprepared to respond to the situation, there are numbers of staff at the Outreach to come along side you and minister to each circumstance.

What Should I Wear?

Sensible shoes and conservative, functional clothing are suggested. Women should refrain from wearing short shorts or short skirts and halter tops, but concentrate on modest, functional clothing.

Should I Bring My Bible?

Yes. After the serving of the food is finished and our worship portion of the outreach begins we move into an evangelistic Bible study.

Can I Bring Food Donations To Hand Out?

The Outreach is formatted in a "picnic" style and the Outreach provides the food and drink for both attendees and servants. Your donations of food and/or clothing are greatly appreciated and can be used to help meet the needs of families and individuals beyond the actual "Outreach" event.

Are There Restrooms?

Restrooms are available for all Servants and are available to our Guests ONLY during the time of ministry.