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It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that Calvary Downtown Outreach will be closing its doors indefinitely. 

The Renaissance Church campus, which so graciously has hosted us for the last several years, has been sold to a private party. We currently do not have the resources to relocate our operations elsewhere. We are depending on the Lord during this time of transition for direction, wisdom and provision.

Thank you so much to all our donors, volunteers, churches and other organizations that have poured their blessings onto us throughout the years!

We invite you to join us in prayer for the future of this wonderful organization which has blessed so many in the community and if it is the Lord‘s will, for it to continue through his blessings.

Theresa Hicks-Guzman
Director, Calvary Downtown Outreach 


  • To point people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  • To raise up disciples of Jesus Christ by exhorting them to daily prayer and Bible reading and offering one-on-one discipleship opportunities.

  • To provide environments for all those in the inner city to come and worship the LORD decently and in order, and receive solid Bible teaching and discipleship.

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